Scraping Literally Anything
Manipulate Dom with Console Commands

Cheatsheet: Advanced DOM Manipulation & Web Scraping Techniques Using the Console

1. Selecting Elements

1.1 Query Selector

Selects the first match of a specified CSS selector(s).

let element = document.querySelector('.my-class');

1.2 Query Selector All

Selects all matches of a specified CSS selector(s).

let elements = document.querySelectorAll('.my-class');

1.3 Get Elements By ClassName

Selects all elements with a specific class.

let elements = document.getElementsByClassName('my-class');

1.4 Get Element By Id

Selects the element with the specified id.

let element = document.getElementById('my-id');

2. Manipulating Elements

2.1 Changing Inner HTML

Modifies the inner HTML of a selected element.

element.innerHTML = 'New Content';

2.2 Adding a Class

Adds a class to the selected element.


2.3 Removing a Class

Removes a class from the selected element.


2.4 Toggle a Class

Toggles a class on the selected element.


3. Web Scraping Techniques

3.1 Extracting Text Content

Extracts the text content of an element.

let text = element.textContent;

3.2 Extracting HTML Content

Extracts the HTML content of an element.

let html = element.innerHTML;

3.3 Extracting Attribute Values

Extracts the value of a specified attribute from an element.

let src = element.getAttribute('src');

3.4 Looping Over Elements

Loops over a NodeList, applying a function to each element.

elements.forEach((element) => {

4. Feature Augmentation

4.1 Creating New Elements

Creates a new element and adds it to the DOM.

let newElement = document.createElement('div');
newElement.innerHTML = 'I am a new element';

4.2 Event Listeners

Attaches an event listener to an element.

element.addEventListener('click', function() {
  console.log('Element clicked!');

4.3 Styling Elements

Applies CSS styles to an element. = 'blue'; = '2em';

4.4 Manipulating Attributes

Modifies the attributes of an element.

element.setAttribute('src', 'new-image.jpg');

Remember to use these techniques responsibly.